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Improving Food Yield with Advanced Analytical Testing for Fertilizers and Agrochemicals

Since the earliest known agricultural activity roughly 14,000 years ago, humans have been challenged with producing enough food to survive. That meant maximizing agricultural yields and preventing losses due to disease, pests, and other adversities. Up until the 20th century, people used naturally occurring substances to fertilize their crops – e.g., manure – and combat …

Most of the world’s innovations rely on the chemicals industry. From manufacturing medicine and decontaminating drinking water to electronics engineering and personal care product development, the global chemicals industry supports the production of an enormous range of products that are used worldwide. Some chemicals become components of physical products and others are essential for industrial …

The three main objectives for lubricants testing are accuracy of test results, rapid turn-around time, and cost control. Robert Broaddus, Lab Manager at the nation’s first Caterpillar dealer –  Yancey™ Bros – knows this all too well. Up until now, automatic particle counting (APC) technology has not kept pace especially in terms of automation and …


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