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6 Consequences of Lab Inefficiency

INFOGRAPHIC: 6 Consequences of Lab Inefficiency

Productivity is the engine of an efficient laboratory. Whether you’re a large- or small-scale lab, process optimization is crucial to ensure fast results and huge cost savings.

One study found that lab analysts waste 25% of their time on instrument maintenance, which means fewer hours spent on doing their jobs effectively. Would you expect a doctor to take the time to repair an MRI machine? With all the important patients he or she sees per day, probably not.

A day in the life of an efficient, orderly lab starts on time, runs smoothly, and ends when expected. So what happens in an inefficient lab?

 6 Consequences of Lab Inefficiency 

  1. Getting a late start: Lab test setup is too complicated due to lack of visibility into lab assets and redundant informatics.
  2. Can’t find the right consumables and accessories: Unorganized storage areas send lab techs on the hunt for equipment, which delays testing.
  3. Skipped lunches: Falling behind on daily tasks is common among inefficient labs and making up the time is always a challenge.
  4. Decreased workflow: Manually processing information across diverse instrumentation slows down workflow. 
  5. Broken instruments: Without a readily available source for lab maintenance, workers are forced to troubleshoot or wait for service to get back up and running. 
  6. Late nights: To complete the required samples for the day, late nights are inevitable.

Sound familiar? It doesn’t have to. Download our infographic: How Efficient Is Your Day in the Lab?

Find out how much more productive your lab can be when the proper efficiencies are in place.


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