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Improve Your Environmental Gas Chromatography Techniques

There are improved strategies for fast method development projects using automated static headspace and large volume injection gas chromatography systems. Two sample introduction techniques for gas chromatography (GC) are automated static headspace and large volume injections. Both can offer unique benefits to users. These techniques can improve laboratory productivity, enhance detection limits, and minimize the …

Spectroscopy's Role in Accelerating the Solar Panel Development

Solar power has the potential to deliver inexpensive, clean, and renewable energy to millions of people around the world-while also being part of the solution to climate change. Solar power only generated 2% of the total electricity in the United States1 from October 2018 to September 2019, from both homeowners and large-scale operations. And although …

“Drivers, Start Your Engines” When those famous words are broadcast to millions of race fans, it signals the start of the annual Indy 500® race. Each of the sleek cars competing to be the first to cross over the famed “Yard of Bricks” will need to thunder around that famous oval 200 times at speeds …

Lubricant and fuel testing are crucial at motor races such as the International North West 200 motorcycle road race and the Italian Superbike Championship (CIV). When speed, safety, standards, and stardom are at stake, efficient and accurate testing is necessary. The International North West 200 and CIV races are some of Europe’s largest outdoor sporting …


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