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Trends for GC and GC/MS in 2022 (…also at Analytica 2022 in Munich)

June 7, 2022
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Identifying trends and forecasting developments is a blend of both art and science. There are researchers across the globe who are contiguously defining mathematical operations to recognize patterns for the future.

But it’s not all impassioned math. In fact, when it comes to analytical equipment and gas chromatography and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry, defining trends can’t be done without considering typical use and applications, lab settings and regulations.

To that… our own chromatography expert, Alessandro Baldi Talini, Director Product Portfolio – Gas Chromatography, has shared some highlights about the trends for GC and GC/MS, as well as what attendees will see at Analytica 2022, June 21 – 24 in Munich.

From Alessandro:

Many of the trends for GC and GC/MS labs are found in the features of the newly defined “Industry 4.0” era: contemporary production sustained by digitalization via means of smart autonomous systems data fueled with Artificial Intelligence.

In pre-pandemic times, interest in the potential of smart technologies was trending very high. However, the demands for social distancing restrictions, work-from-home and hybrid working shifts, plus labor shortages, accelerated the many GC labs’ consideration about their implementation of “smart” strategies. To protect people during the pandemic, remote interactions with lab instrumentation had escalated to a key priority.

And now, moving away from the worst periods of COVID lock-downs, employee “remoteness” has evolved from a pandemic safety driver into an operational efficacy driver.

Since labs are focused on productivity and ROI, remote automation of GC operations supports an overall simplification of the workflow, optimizing lab staff time.

  • Automation elements and software-driven workflow enable productivity and less downtime
  • Form analytical process perspective, SOPs and good manufacturing practice (GMP) clearly help simplifying lab processes by establishing best practices

The simplification of GC and GC/MS laboratory operations can take many different forms, such as automated sample preparation or intuitive software, which helps all skill levels, thereby reducing GC Solution adoption costs.

Finally, sustainability, which refers to operations sustainable from environmental and business perspectives, is another topic that now has renewed interest. Considering the challenges with helium availability and dependency on geopolitical situations, savings, and alternative gases – enabling the use of the less costly and greener alternative are a key trend. For example, today, GC systems need to be equipped to use hydrogen, while simultaneously addressing the safety related concerns.

After two years, the Analytica Trade Fair is an in-person event

Analytica is an indispensable opportunity for laboratories and manufacturers to meet and exchange ideas and learn about the latest advancements for analytical applications.

Do you see other trends for GC and GC/MS? Tell us.

Please stop by our booth #502 to see the showcase of our latest technological advancements… and to meet Alessandro.


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