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VIDEO Q&A: Refreshing, Recycling, and Reusing Water – Part 3

May 25, 2021
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The Water Crisis: Can We Solve This? – A Chat with Dr. Peter Scales, Professor Emeritus, University of Melbourne

Fresh, safe, potable water is a resource that experts have been warning has been diminishing for years. One of the best solutions to replenish the supply is to re-use our wastewater-but there are concerns about the best way to do this.

In Part 3 of this Q&A, hear about how individuals and communities play an important role in solving the water crisis.

“Some of the hardest problems to solve in the world are not the technical ones,” said Dr. Peter Scales, Professor Emeritus, University of Melbourne. “The ones that involve bringing technology and the community and industry and the social side of problems together are always-and politics-are always the toughest ones to solve. I would argue we have to solve them though.”

PerkinElmer’s John Martin, Environmental Segment Marketing Manager, discusses the water crisis and potential solutions with Dr. Scales.






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