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Video Interview: Achieving Operational Excellence Through Automation

Video Interview: Achieving Operational Excellence Through Automation

August 1, 2022
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Professionals working in a lab face many challenges, including an ever-increasing demand to comply with quality, regulatory requirements, and guidelines. As explained in the video below, the number of lab staff has depleted, while the number of tests continues to increase–leaving labs under pressure to find ways to do more with less.

Carola Schmidt leads the global automation group in Diagnostics at PerkinElmer. She has been working in the Life Science and Diagnostic field for over 30 years, improving processes by utilizing automation to enable laboratory experts to balance their time, knowledge, and expertise.

In this interview, she discusses the many challenges facing lab professionals today—and offers ideas and solutions to solve these issues. She also explains how a fully automated process can support lab staff effectively and efficiently, talks about the costs of automation, and more.

For a deeper dive into automation, please watch this demo video.

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