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Expanding Your Assay Specificity: Cisbio Joins PerkinElmer

September 9, 2019
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Following the announcement that PerkinElmer has acquired Cisbio Bioassays, here is a little more information about the exciting opportunities this brings to life sciences researchers.

Over the last 20 years, Cisbio has become a leading Life Sciences company which develops, manufactures, and markets high quality kits and reagents for the drug discovery and life science markets used by pharmaceutical, biotechnology, academia and contract research organizations across the globe.

The company notably developed a proprietary HTRF® technology which is a type of TR-FRET assay used in Life Sciences. Due to the chemical and photophysical characteristics of the fluorescent dyes involved, Homogeneous Time Resolved Fluorescence (HTRF) exhibits high performance levels in stability and specificity. The structure of HTRF reagents also makes assays highly resistant to most experimental conditions, and particularly well suited for cell-based assays.

Cisbio’s range of kits and reagents are complementary to PerkinElmer’s Alpha, DELFIA® and LANCE® assay technologies which are used in drug discovery and screening applications, and both companies have strong scientific and application expertise in this space.

The addition of Cisbio’s capabilities to PerkinElmer will enable life science researchers to have access to assay tools that address the broad diversity of target types and biological configurations, for both small molecule and biologic drug discovery.

Learn more about Cisbio here.


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