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Elevating GC and LC Laboratories Efficiency in three Key Steps with Modern CDS Software

June 13, 2024
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Seeking ways to enhance efficiency to achieve higher productivity is the focus for laboratories performing Gas Chromatography (GC) and Liquid Chromatography (LC) analyses. At the heart of this pursuit Chromatography Data System (CDS) software plays a key role, offering a myriad of functionalities designed to simplify and optimize chromatography processes.

From data acquisition tools to integrated systems, CDS software has revolutionized how labs gather, process, and interpret chromatographic data. This evolution encompasses enhanced automation, seamless integration with instrumentation, advanced data analysis algorithms, and intuitive user interfaces. By seamlessly orchestrating instrument control, data acquisition, and analysis, modern CDS software empowers laboratories with unprecedented insights, driving operational efficiency.

With advanced user interface (UI) allowing improved user experience (UX), modern CDS software such as PerkinElmer SimplicityChrom CDS Software enables users to shorten the time to proficiency, allowing faster lab ROI achievement.

In this webinar, the evolution of CDS software, including PerkinElmer SimplicityChrom CDS Software, will be explored, with a review of their advantages. The discussion will cover how modern CDS software support labs by reducing the costs associated with new technology and software adoption, thus enabling faster ROI and increased productivity. Application examples of SimplicityChrom CDS Software will be provided, demonstrating its functionalities across GC and LC systems that help optimize chromatography workflows.

Continue reading this post as three key advantages of modern CDS software that are enabling efficiency in GC and LC labs are explained.

Simplified Navigation with Planar Structure

Feature-driven user interfaces are a typical characteristic of early versions of CDS Software. Only with training and experience could chromatography users streamline the analytical workflows.
A workflow-driven interface helps users with elevated accessibility of the key functions needed at a certain stage of the analysis. For example, SimplicityChrom CDS Software offers easy-to-find functions, that are one click-away. With optimized instrument control, users benefit from a clear and concise view, while flexible, resizable, and customizable panel layouts support multiple screens, docking/undocking, and persist the optimized workspace view, maximizing productivity.

Reduced Manual Tasks with Automation

Chromatography users often encounter time-consuming manual processes, affecting efficiency and accuracy in lab workflows. These inefficiencies include sequence creation, manual report generation, and data export tasks. Modern and intuitive software, such as SimplicityChrom CDS Software, empowers users by automating upfront settings in sequence creation, facilitating automated report generation and data export.

For GC workflows, SimplicityChrom CDS Software enables rapid and graphically aided sequence creation and monitoring, with interactive, real-time display, unlocking new levels of efficiency in lab operations.
For LC analysis, common manual tasks such as dilution, calibration, adding internal standards are automated, saving analysts’ time at the bench and improving reproducibility and minimizing risk of manual error.

Optimized Workflows with Synergies for Chromatography System Management

Managing multiple chromatography systems can challenge typical lab efficiency, particularly in remote settings. Without synergies and remote-control capabilities, lab operations are hindered by fragmented instrument access and control, leading to increased complexity and potential errors. With remote and mobile instrument control, SimplicityChrom CDS Software facilitates network connectivity across instruments, acquisition PCs, and tablets. The tablet interface enables on-the-go access to crucial information, while the Simplicity Vision Web App allows launching from any network-connected computer. This seamless integration empowers users to execute simultaneous acquisition and data processing workflows across multiple instruments, optimizing lab efficiency and enabling effective remote management.

From simplified navigation to automation and seamless instrument synergies, including remote management capabilities, SimplicityChrom CDS Software empowers laboratories to achieve unprecedented levels of efficiency, regardless of their expertise. SimplicityChrom CDS Software is democratizing chromatography, making it accessible and efficient for all users, from novices to experts.

For more examples of how the evolution of CDS Software is supporting efficiency and streamlined workflows, attend this webinar to discover how SimplicityChrom CDS Software enables laboratories of all expertise levels to streamline their lab processes while democratizing access to GC and LC.


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